Turn-key Project

P.C. Wire / LRPC Wire Plant
We provide turnkey solution for PC wire plants and LRPC wire plants. Offering tailor-made solution, the designing and fabrication of the plants are provided as per the exact requirements of our clients.

MIG Wire Machine

Pay off Tungsten Dry Drawing Block Wet Drawing Machine Treatment Tank BB Block Spooler
Vertical From coils Horizontal or Vertical from spools Optional Single Die OTO 250 mm dia Block Four shaft slip type submerged over flow type TC cones, 11die SS 316 Five compartment pneumatically With covers Pinch pass single rotation Die 300mm dia plastic spool Or 800 mm die steel spool

Technical Data 

Wire \ Material : WR Grade
No. of Drafts : 1+11+1

Percentage Elongation on 

Machine from draft 1 -10 : 16.7%
Drafts 11 : 13%
Draft 12 after copper coating : 12%
Inlet Wire Dia Range : 1.80 – 2.40mm
Outlet Wire Die Range : 0.80 – 1.60mm
Maximum Wire Outlet Speed : 12m/s
Drawing Machine Motor Power : 5 kw + 225 kw + 5 kw

At a Glance
  • Top quality finished product
  • Practical production speed 12 m/s
  • Drawing, coppering and spooling, same time on same horizontal plane
  • Reduced Wire Torsion

Wire Flattening Mill
Dummy Our range of rod break down machine is manufactured as per the latest International usages. We also have facility to customize our range according to the client's requirements. These are available in various specifications, some of them are designed 9/11/13 die for aluminium and copper wires along with spooling machine and dead block coiler. 

  For Ferrous Non Ferrous
Material Low Carbon Steel Wire Copper/Al. Wire
Wire Range 3.2 – 1.2mm 15 – 4mm
Roller Dia 250mm 250mm
Roller Material AISI D2 AISI D2
Type  Single/tandem Single/tandem
Take up Bobbin size Flange
Traverse  Rolling ring Rolling ring

Stainless Steel Wire Plant

We offer the complete range of wire drawing plant such as stainless steel wire plant, both wet and dry, which are suitable for drawing wire from stainless steel. The plant includes complete production line, along with a variety of auxiliary machines. As we provide turnkey solution, the designing and development of plants are completely customized to suit the preferences of our clients.

Galvanized Wire Plant (Hot Dip / Electro)
We provide our customers the most modern, cost effective, efficient and fast operating lines for hot dip galvanized wire plant. We provide equipment right from drawing lines flattening mills, complete galvanizing lines with vertical drop coilers, horizontal side winder take ups or strip take ups.

By excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing and service we are able to offer most relevant technology for Galvanizing of High Carbon and Low Carbon Steel Wires.

The plant consists of the following :
Pay Off Stands: Revolving Turn Tables with brake tensioners for wire formers and spools, overhead Coil Opener type Payoff, Pintal Type Pay Off for Spools and Basket Type Pay Off for Coils.

Open Hearth Furnace or Lead Bath Furnace with electric heating or Natural gas/LDO/FO combustion systems with top cover and recuperator for energy conservation.

Online Fumeless Pickling System with water curtains to prevent any acid fumes from exiting the pickling system. The wires travel straight with lower tension and react with invigorated acid travelling against the wire, followed by triple stage water wash system.

Intermediate wiping system in between chambers to prevent excessive carryover of fluids from one chamber to another.

Vertical Gland / Seal Less Pumps for zero down time as no seal change over and routine maintence required.

Stainless steel 316 fabricated Flux Tank with flue gas heating and temperature control system for energy efficiency and coating consistency. Option of Dipping type or straight path type with flux pumping system.

Flux Dryer before the entry to the galvanizing bath hot plate assembly is provided for quick drying of flux which has heating through flue gases of the zinc bath furnace as rising energy costs has made conservation a prime criterion in today's plants.

Zinc Bath furnace consisting of Structural Steel Frame. Which is completely lined using several layers of ceramic refractory. Best quality refractories ensure reliability and durability.

Zinc Tank made out of low carbon low silicon steel plate with side bended at 90 degree welded with specialized electrodes and duly ultrasonic tested for any internal cracks. Options for Light/medium and heavy coating available.

Finally wire is coiled on finishing Take ups where Amco offers several options depending on the industry use and coil weight requirements right from 25Kg. to 1000Kgs. Horizontal side winder take ups, Vertical drop coiler with or without pattern lay and strip take ups in our manufacturing programme.

Cold Ribbed Wire Plant
We offer high speed integrated Cold Ribbed Wire Plant for high-speed continuous drawing and ribbing of mild steel low carbon wire rods used for construction bars &mesh welding. 

AMCO entrusted by its honoured customers with the responsibility of providing a modern high speed, simple to operate, low cost and low down time machine had to go to the drawing board and come up with several offerings to suit customer needs. The line basically consists of double Skeen Type Tilting Pay Off hydraulically operated with entanglement sensing arrangement, for high sped nonstop high speed wire rod pay off, inline descalar in horizontal and vertical plane with motorised brushing arrangement, double deck drawing cum ribbing machine with two speed gear box with lower deck for sizing and upper deck for ribbing line consist of imported ribbing cassette having option for different ribbing patterns, cheese type spooler with hydraulically operated traverse, spool clamping, spool lifting and spool shifting for fast and easy loading un loading of spools Also Pointing Machine, Butt-Welding Machine, variable speed A.C.Vector Frequency Drive Control Panel and Operator Control Station are part of the complete plant.

Plant Features and Options  
Die / Die Less Concept

Hydraulic Tillable Dual Head Pay Off for Continuous Easy Feeding of Wire Rod Coils by Overhead Crane Qfork Lift.

Hydraulic Tillable Neck Type Overhead Pulley for Faster Stinging Operation and Easy Operator Reach.

Dual Plane Adjustable Roller Type Descaler with Hardened Wear Resistant Rollers with High Service Life with Inline Motorized Brushing Unit for Absolute Scale Free Rod Surface.

Motorized Lube Box for Better Lubricant Coating Before Pre-Drawing.

Double Deck Chromium Carbide Matrix Coated Capstans Internally Water-cooled for Long Service Life.

Suitable Operator Safety Features Built-in the System like Guards, Wire Brake Sensors, Emergency Locks, Etc.

Pneumatic Clamping, Shifting, Lifting and Setting of Spools for Faster Working At the Spooler.

Traverse with Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders with Hardened Guide Rods .

Complete Plant Controlled by One Operator from the Control Desk Having Well Programmed Production Process.

Tyre Bead wire plant
We provide turnkey solution for tyre bead wire plants.