Mechanical Descalar Machine
Designed for descaling of M.S. & H.C. wire rods with brushing installation to be installed in tendom with wire drawing machine for rod ranging from 5.5 to 10mm to avoid pickling treatment of wire rod & pollution free equipment.

Sanding Belt Descalar
We have been willingly active in offering Sanding Belt Descalar to our customers. Accomplished under the command of capable personnel, these are provided making use of supreme quality material and progressive machines.

Drawing Range:    Max. Inlet 8mm
Machine Speed:    Single head – 2.5m/sec Max.

Mechanical Wire Descalar with Wire Brushing Unit
Mechanical wire descalers with subsequent wire brushing are employed in line with wire drawing equipment in order to clean rod and wire of its mill scale and surface rust. These units clean the rod or wire prior to entering the wire drawing machine, thus improving draw ability and reducing die wear by means of a smooth and clean wire. Such a unit eliminates the need to chemically descale the wire in a previous/separate process. 

The brushing units are also suitable to remove residual lubricants or debris by implementation of other less abrasive brushes.